The previous version of the Tivatrainer has been used all over the world for explaining pharmacokinetic concepts. It has been cited over 300 times in academic literature. Because of its flexibility it has even found its way in lawsuit cases to calculate and explain expected blood concentrations after mishaps with drug dosing inside or outside the operating room. With Tivatrainer, reviewers check drug doses used in manuscripts and it has been used for interactive training in countless workshops from the Eurosiva and other organisations.


The Tivatrainer has four modes of operation.

Manual mode
For adding bolusses and infusions manually.
TCI mode
For simulating blood Target Controlled Infusions (TCI).
For simulating Effect Target Controlled Infusions (ETCI).
For approximating (E)TCI by manual controlled bolus and infusion.

The Tivatrainer also shows the Bispectral index (BIS) for selected models. It has a powerful copy/paste function to compare properties of different models and to solve elaborate what/if questions.

previous windows xp version

The new tivatrainer is not yet as fully featured as the old windows xp version. If you really need the old version, please contact us!

TivatrainerX for iPhone

The full featured paid version for iPhone: TivatrainerX is still available in the appstore but will be migrated to this version of Tivatrainer in due time.